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Technical Q and A

  1. How to determine the accessories quantity for the c-track festoon system?

The standard C-track is 3 meters long. (4 meters c-tracks are available with minimum order of 100 pieces) If the span is 15 meters, then the c-track KY-BC3030 quantity is 15/3=5 pieces. The track couplers KY-BC3300 which connect the 5 cracks are 5-1= 4 pieces. The c-track support brackets KY-BC3100 are usually one for every 1.5 meter, thus 15/1.5=10 pieces. The cable trolleys KY-BC3525 are usually one for every 1.2 meter, thus 15/1.212 pieces. When the hung cable is too long, one can increase the cable trolley to reduce the hung length. But, one should consider that the total of cable trolley width (one for 85mm) will restrict the hoist traveling limit. In this case, 85x12=1020mm is the distance to the edge that the hoist can’t reach. The towing trolley KY-BC3625 and the end cable clip KY-BC3200 are one for each set.

2.   How to determine the total current capacity requirement?

Collect all the power rating of motors in hoist, cross travel and long travel. For the cross travel, if the hoist and trolley are 3.7kW and 0.75kW. For the long travel, the two trolleys are 0.75W. The total current capacity requirement is according to below formula.

 Q and A calculation-1  , 1.25 is the starting current multiplier and power factor is assumed as 0.72 in this case

Cross travel

       Q and A calculation-2

      Long travel

       Q and A calculation-3

      Once we get the current capacity requirement, we can choose the power rail or

the cable. Because the minimum power rail is 75A, both the cross travel and long

travel can use this type. For the cable, we can get the specification from the

table which is in Page 2 of the brochure of Safety Power Rails. In this case,

normally the PVC insulator is 60, thus the conductor wire should be 3.5mm2

for both cross and long travel.


3. How to calculate the carbon brush?

    Please refer to below table.

Hoist Type

Power Rail

Current Collector

1~3 tons

Continuous type


5 tons

Continuous type


10 tons

Continuous type


15 tons


100A X2